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8 3/8" h x 9 5/8" w   -   47 Lbs.   -   $89.50

#HC-9273 Mermaid
with Conch Shell ••

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Information about Ceramics?

The world of ceramics is a very interesting and rewarding hobby, It all starts with a mold made of plaster of paris. A liquid clay called "slip" is poured into the mold. The water in the "slip" is absorbed into the walls of the mold, creating a shell or hollow shape, after the excess slip is poured out of the mold. The resulting shell or shape is called "greenware". The greenware is allowed to dry and then it is cleaned and can, at this point, be decorated with underglaze and fired in a kiln and becomes Bisque or Bisqueware. The piece can also be finished or decorated with unfired stains. If it is glazed it requires an additional firing.

With all the hobby and craft supplies available, the possibilities are unlimited. If interested in this wonderful hobby, check the yellow pages in your local telephone book under the heading of "CERAMIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES" for your closest ceramic supplier or studio.

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